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Jennifer Lynn Dr. Delker is beyond awesome! She was my regular OB although I saw Dr. Carroccio several times.
Dr. Carroccio delivered my son. I wouldn’t use anyone else!

Jennifer Lynn

Crystal Jones Dr Delker is awesome she is with NFWP and is Medicaid accepting.
I had Dr.Carrocio as my primary but Delker for several appts and delivery and it was A+

Crystal Jones

Jennifer Patricia Lasseter Dr. Harris at NFWP delivered my 2nd with reg ins. When I became pregnant 3 yrs ago I got pregnancy medicaid but Dr. Harris didn’t accept it at that time so I moved to Dr. Chamberlain who did accept it and is also with NFWP.
I loved both of them.

It was relatively seamless moving from one doc to the other within the practice.

Jennifer Patricia Lasseter

Just have to write this. North Florida Women’s physicians OB care is the best I have ever had!  Everyone in that office is upbeat, positive and very caring. It is a completely judge free zone and you can tell they genuinely care about your pregnancy.
Dr. Carroccio in particular has been fantastic. Definitely recommend this office. They do take Staywell medicaid as well.

Hannah Cochran

Stefanie Loehr Completely agree! Dr.Carroccio delivered my first since Dr.Brazzel couldn’t get there in time and she was fantastic! Both of them were!

Stefanie Loehr

Misty Roberts-horsfield I agree to the fullest!
Best place i’ve gone to and everyone is so happy to help you out with anything you need.

Misty Roberts-horsfield

Laura Burns Moseley I couldn’t agree more!!! Dr. carroccio is amazing! Their midwifery practice is top notch, too.
You cannot go wrong with this practice!!!

Laura Burns Moseley

Michelle Erickson I totally agree! Dr Carroccio is so awesome! She was my OB and delivered my daughter and I’ll be coming back to her for baby #2.

Michelle Erickson

Jennifer Volk Dr. Carroccio is AMAZING, love her!!!


Jennifer Volk

Louise Grissom I had Dr. Botha for both of my pregnancies and I agree they are awesome!

Louise Grissom

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